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Labor and Employment Litigation

Maurer & Associates, PC offers a unique combination of legal and practical experience in all facets of labor and employment law to provide clients throughout Connecticut with representation that is second-to-none. Our attorneys combine their labor and employment law expertise with years of personal experience in large corporations, municipalities and labor unions to produce excellent results for their clients. The firm provides clients experienced representation in:


Violations of the state and federal constitutional guarantees of equal protection, due process and freedom of speech, Discrimination claims based on age, disability, gender, race, pregnancy, sexual orientation and sexual harassment, Contract/collective bargaining agreement negotiations and arbitrations, Grievance and severance negotiations and arbitrations, Unemployment and workers' compensation, and Pension losses


Maurer & Associates, PC has achieved consistent success representing employees in all aspects of labor and employment litigation, arbitration and lobbying. In addition, the firm has initiated several suits to define and enhance the constitutional protections of public workers.

Areas of Practice

Success Stories

Maurer & Associates, PC attorneys have demonstrated consistent success representing individual employees and labor organizations through lobbying, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. The firm is committed to delivering positive outcomes for its clients and establishing legal precedents that protect and expand the rights of individuals. Below are just a few of the hundreds of labor and employment matters successfully resolved by Maurer & Associates, PC attorneys.

The firm helped nearly 2,000 women teachers from across New York State recover pension benefits and retirement right that had been taken away as a result of pregnancy discrimination earlier in their careers. Maurer & Associates, PC attorneys developed a creative strategy that proved beneficial to both the teachers and the school districts where they were employed. As part of its representation, the firm successfully lobbied for the passage of a New York law that reinstated the original pension plan for more than 11,000 New York teachers. As a result of the new law, the teachers were able to retire seven years earlier. This saved each school district $140,000 per teacher who retired early and was replaced by a similarly qualified teacher. Across New York State, the savings to the State and the school districts was more than $150 million while each teacher received an additional $9-11,000 annual pension benefit.

Maurer & Associates, PC represented a Connecticut professional firefighter who was wrongly denied a promotion by action of the town board of selectmen. Though the firefighter had the top score on the lieutenant promotional exam, the job was given to another candidate. In addition to representing their client in a successful grievance, Maurer & Associates, PC established a precedent that protects the rights of employees in similar situations. The case established that a promotion promised by the top down official in settling a grievance could be viewed as a property right under the U.S. Constitution.

Maurer & Associates, PC represented a local police union against anti-union activity by the police chief. The firm’s successful strategy to settle the case included retaining a human resources consultant who worked with the union and town officials to restructure the department, establishing objective job descriptions, disciplinary policies, and promotional criteria. By working with town officials on a long-term, positive solution, the Maurer team helped to create overall improvement in working conditions based on mutual respect.